The Modular Housing Lunch & Workshop by DBR

14 Nov 2019

14 Nov 2019

The Modular Housing Lunch & Workshop by DBR

Status: Available Places: 40 Price : £70.00

Welcome to this one-off Modular Housing event, focused at learning, discussing and understanding the opportunities within the off-site space to deliver homes by SME Developers. The part-panel discussion, part group workshop will help attendees to identify the current and future potential behind the one of the biggest areas of focus and investment in the UK.

Welcoming Urban Splash, the Modular Housing Association and modular finance specialists CrowdProperty, the exclusive event will offer just 50 SME professionals the opportunity to work through the key opportunities and challenges, covering off:

  • Where is modular construction applicable and what works in this form

  • Suppliers and who is doing what, where the industry is at

  • Case studies and how it has worked in practice

Modular Housing, volumetric, SIPP and timber-frame have all been heavily discussed in the Boardroom for the past 18 months, and our recent survey revealed a serious demand to know more about its application.

This unique style and relaxed meeting is a really great chance to connect, learn and share with like-minded, experienced people in the property industry. 


There are no agenda items for this event.

Jackie Maginnis
Matt Egan
Sam Lenehan

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