The Future

Our Legacy is Your Future

It is easy to create ambiguous straplines and titles, often harder to explain them. It is equally hard to be confident without being presumptive, or arrogant, and about what we believe we are capable of delivering. So, why do we believe that ‘Our Legacy is Your Future?’.

The idea of legacy has become a slight obsession for our team. No matter the age, experience, background or wealth, we want to believe that every one of us is building what is our legacy, whether that be reputational, impact or wealth.

Legacy Group, the parent company to Developers Boardroom, and sister company TrustedLand was created to firmly highlight the mission that we are on, and for all of the support, partnerships, education, opportunities and connections that our brands generate, to be identifiable in your future journey of success when looking back.

Simply put, we want to have an impact in the future of your business so that you, your team and your company maintain and grow your business relationship with us. If we know we are successfully building your future; we are in turn creating our legacy. And that is how we leave our mark on the industry.

What does that look like for you?

Developers Boardroom, like our sister company, try to practice transparency where possible and to be open about our plans and offering, even when they may not go to plan. It's part of being human, and genuine. Therefore we would like to tell you where we are heading as a business in the short term:

Growth of Developers Boardroom monthly meetings - in April 18, we launched the Bank meeting, hosted by the awesome Richard Wombwell, now taking place as The Supper Bank each month. In March 19, long-standing ambassador Duncan Gunn began The Supper at Marylebone. Whilst the quality of the group and consistent experience are prioritised, we will aim to double the number of groups running each year - If you would like to be involved for your area, please Contact Us.

Accelerators to advance strategy and potential - under the guidance of partner and international entrepreneur training expert Daniel Priestley of Dent Global, we will consistently present short, concentrated workshops and deep-dive accelerators, to help our delegates and partners thrive within property, whether it be methods of financing deals or building our projects, attracting land opportunities and building powerful teams, we have proven our ability to attract best in class speakers and guests, and want to build this into tangible progress for our network.

Involving and highlight member achievement - seeing the volume and scale of instructions, partnerships and deals that have emerged at the start of 2019 amongst the network, and in particular, the committee members have been incredible. We don’t ‘count the transactions’, but our members and regulars have seen them take shape as profiles and relationships grow. We want to include and offer valuable positions within the network to those who share our ethos and find means to raise their own profile within the property space to grow their opportunities. It starts with your first event, and The Dinner events are always open invitation and a great place to start.

Like what you read? Get in touch to arrange a call with our Partnerships team to see where we may able to help enhance your strategy, network and future in property.

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