The Breakfast by Developers Boardroom VICTORIA

18 Sep 2019

18 Sep 2019

The Breakfast by Developers Boardroom VICTORIA

Status: Available Places: 15 Price : £85.00

Welcome to the Developers Boardroom meetings for established SME Developers, Investors and Professionals. These invitation-only intimate board meetings offer directors and decision makers the opportunity to work through a fantastic breakfast in a luxurious setting, as well as the opportunities and challenges of the property industry as it stands today.

The Breakfast at Victoria is hosted by Alex Harrington-Griffin of TrustedLand.

This week we are delighted to welcome our guest speaker Jeremy Leaf from Jeremy Leaf & Co.

Each session contains a live 15-minute interview with a top industry professional, followed by News review and then open board discussion, rounded up with Rapid Referrals.

This unique style and relaxed meeting is a really great chance to connect, learn and share with like-minded, experienced people in the property industry.

There are no agenda items for this event.

Jeremy Leaf

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